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No Touchy


I was at a friend’s house the other night, having a nice conversation with some new people. Suddenly, one of the guys asks, “what’s that?”

And then he reached out….

And poked my insulin pump. 

He poked it. 

That’s like an external organ, man. Woah. image

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A Person and a Pancreas


Diabetes is confusing. Diabetes does not always make sense, and nothing that diabetes brings along with it is ever our fault.

Case in point: Last night I ate 140 grams of carbs. Yay holidays! And you know what? I dual waved it and ended up with BG 86, never rose about 140. BAM. But…


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Had anyone else questioned what would happen if you just stabbed someone with their insulin pen and gave them like 30units?

Everytime I ask or bring it up people think I’m syco and want to kill someone….

It’s crossed my mind…


Oh my god, yes.
I have even prepped my needle when walking home alone at night, just in case.

I have even gone so far as to ask my diabetic educator how ,uh insulin I would need to give a non-diabetic for them to die, or at least be incapacitated for some time. She told me it would be irresponsible for her to give me that kind of information. I suppose it varies from person to person anyway.

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When I tell people that diabetes is often used as a punchline or ignorantly when referring to unhealthy eating, they get surprised. They don’t believe it’s an ongoing, widespread thing from social networks to casual conversations. It is not a rare thing.
And I know this because I heard “diabetes” used incorrectly and humorously 4+ times within a few hours at lunch today. With my friends. I’m not even mad, because i don’t want to be, but I feel like I should be.

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